Waterjet Cutting Overview

Although water is very normal in our life, it also is very important for us. Therefore, correctly using water is very necessary. Aside from using in traditional home chores, water is also used to produce energy like widely known as hydroelectricity. Water is also widely utilised in manufacturing and processing of various materials in current days. Waterjet cutting is the key of processing of metals, glasses, ceramics, stones and even in framing and designing in different types of products.

The whole process needs electricity, water and a cutting machine working together to cut pieces of metal into parts. The machine used for cutting has a different type of nozzle to cut and make modifications to materials with a lot of ease. Waterjet machines release water at high speed through the nozzle making it possible to slice anything that comes in between. Its worth mentioning that abrasive substances such as aluminium oxide and garnet are used to boost velocity with friction.

Nowadays, waterjet cutting is a useful process that can cut any type of material except tempered glass and diamond which are difficult to cut because they have a hard surface or are too smooth to be chopped without causing damage. Its worth mentioning that the results obtained in this process depend on machines nozzle because it dictates the level of water pressure and velocity. Normal cutter pumps have a capacity of around 30,000 to 100,000 psi. To achieve the best results with this process to get nice parts, it is important to use a waterjet service that is known for excellent and top notch performance.

When using these waterjet cutting machines, top notch expertise is needed because it is aimed at accurately determining the gap between the material and nozzle. This is important because it eventually determines the thickness of the cut. These waterjet cutting machines are used in different industries and processes such as reaming, carving, cutting and shaping. This is a favourite procedure that is used by many people for glass cutting and recycling purposes.

Considering the popularity of this process, a lot of waterjet service providers have emerged in the form of numerous companies keen on exploring this process to make a difference in manufacturing and other sectors. In an overall assessment, waterjet cutting is not only a profitable but is an efficient and progressive mechanism. The key advantage is the ability to recycle materials, which promote cost effectiveness as well as see to it that waste materials are transformed into useful items.

To realize the full benefits of this process, working with a reputable waterjet service is an excellent idea. To make the best choices, examining the portfolio and previous performance can help gauge a company’s suitability.

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