WaterJet cutting technology: Cutting marbles beautifully

Apart from bridge saw, Waterjet cutting is another well known technology across the world to cut and shape marble and other materials into desired shapes and sizes. The technology uses water to cut different materials.

What exactly is this technique?

As stated above, the technique uses high pressure stream of water though small nozzle to provide efficacious cutting of different types materials. The technology is broadly used by many manufacturing companies that need to cut an extensive range of stones and other materials.

The mechanism of this technology is quite simple. Water with extreme pressure is channeled over the material in question via small nozzle. The pressure or speed of water is about 3 times than of the speed of sound. As a result of this, the material in front gets chopped into desired shapes. Some abrasives are also combined with waterjet tool to cut the materials which otherwise cannot be hacked via blades or plasma lasers.

These days, the technique is mainly used as it is economical thus provides increased quality output. The tech is also opted for flooring inlays which has become an important part in modern age architecture.

cutting marbles

cutting marbles

The Operation

The prime cutter is fastened with the extreme pressurized water pump and the nozzle attached to the pump channels water stream with high pressure. This high velocity water stream actually cuts the material, effortlessly. Abrasives like aluminum oxide and garnet are added to the water, which indeed support this entire process.

Waterjet cutting machine’s entire procedure is computer controlled as in the other machines like Cnc Granite cutting tools. This computer control offers high accuracy every time the process is applied. Moreover, the tool is quite eco friendly as no harmful chemical is used to achieve the results.

The Applications

Besides cutting marbles and other stones, the technique is used in a variety of fields and industries like aerospace, metals, food, automotive, and more.

The technology and tools associated with it are considered best due to the precise performance it offers and its cost effectiveness. However while looking for the manufacturer offering the same tech, you should check his experience in the market, repute, proficiency, and cost offered for the services. Hiring services after judging him as per the suggested points can surely get you best results. Besides, you can also hire the one according to these points when you are looking for a service provider for APW WATERJET CUTTING.

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