Waterjet Installation

In this section, there will be details of waterjet installation requirements and procedures. These operating rules require thorough understanding to all of the components, the operation system, the intensifier and the safety regulations.
Before the waterjet installation and test of ultra‐high pressure pump, all intensifier installation, operation and maintenance must refer to this manual.
All-Powerful customer service engineer can provide installation, testing and all related training for operation and maintenance.


Both users and manufacturers shall bear the corresponding obligation during the waterjet installation of the equipment. The details are as follow.

The Obligation of the User

All-Powerful ultra-high pressure pump users have the duty to undertake the following obligations.

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User should provide proper personnel to handle and install of the equipment. Ultra-high pressure pump installation should accord with the requirement of manufacturers.

User should prepare a suitable area for waterjet installation.
User shall prepare all the tools and material before waterjet installation.
Before the installation of high pressure pump, water treatment system is required if the quality of water doesn’t meet the requirement in this manual.
User is responsible for providing all the pipelines connecting to the pump, including power cables, plumbing and air tubes, etc. User should connect pipelines according to their own situation.
During installation and process, user must provide adequate safety equipments. Please refer to section 2 for details.
The ultra-high pressure pump that we provided does not fill with hydraulic oil. User shall fill hydraulic oil into the pump according to the oil requirement described in this manual.
Waste generated during the installation shall be dumped to the designated recycling place, in accord with the relevant regulations of the local environmental protection department.

The Obligation of the Manufacturer

All-Powerful company is the manufacturer of the ultra-high pressure pump. All-Powerful company and regional representatives have the duty to undertake the following obligations.
Inform the responsibility of user for the corresponding obligations in the writing form.

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All-Powerful company is not familiar with the administrative structure of the user. The connection in writing should accord with the contact information on the contract. This may lead the end user confusion about his own obligation. We All-Powerful will not responsible for this.

Onsite waterjet installation needs to consult with the user about the specific data and time.
Make sure that all utilities connections have been carried out in accordance with the manual requirements.
Start and test the high pressure pump.
Provide appropriate training to operation and maintenance personnel.
Follow standard system acceptance tests.

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