Waterjet Low Pressure Water System

Waterjet Low Pressure Water System

Cutting water inlet system provides cutting water flow and pressure to the intensifier. The low pressure inlet water system components include input water filter components and booster pump. Connected to the PLC with the pressure switches and temperature switches, it can monitor the inlet cutting water condition. If it goes beyond the inlet water requirements, it will shutdown the pump automatically.
Input cooling water flows through the oil/water heat exchanger (cooler) in order to control the temperature of the hydraulic oil. Then the cooling water flows out from the cooling water outlet into the drain or into a customer to provide water cooler. This path make up to the chilling circulation.

Low Pressure Water System Schematic Diagram

Low Pressure Water System Schematic Diagram

The Requirement of Cutting Water

Consumption Peak: 15.4L/min
The Minimum Inlet Pressure: 0.3MPa
The Best Inlet Water Temperature: 18°C
The Highest inlet Water Temperature: 29°C

The Requirement of Cooling Water

Consumption Peak: 11.4L/min
Minimum Working Oil Temperature: 15°C
Best Working Oil Temperature: 46°C
The Minimum Inlet Pressure: 0.25MPa
The Highest Water Pressure 0.75MPa

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