Waterjet Operation

Control Panel

control panel

The Introduction of Panel Function

Power indicator
Turn on the power supply, and release all the E-stop buttons. The indicator lights up in red. It indicates that the extra-high pressure pump can be operated.
Remote E-stop refers to the device that installed the remote system.

When the alarm light is up (red), it means the oil filter of high pressure pum is jammed or damaged. The indicator alarm will not light up when normally works. If it lights up, the oil pump electric unit will stop working.

Intensifier On/Off (High pressure On/Off)
Press this button for high pressure turn on. And the button will light up into green. Press the button again; high pressure would be closed, at the same time indicator light is off.
When the button is pressed, it is actually provide electricity to many relative components, such as electro-hydraulic directional control valve, solenoid relief valve and pump. So when the oil pump motor is running, you can only hear the sound of water booster pump when press the button of high pressure.
During the testing and trial operation, we can only run the pumps by pressing the high pressure switch button, in order to achieve our debugging and testing purposes.

Emergency Stop Button
We can press the button when there is accident and emergency during the operation. After press this button, the relevant power supply will be cut off, including the oil pump motor. The water pump motor and the power indicator light will also go out.
After press the button, the machine will be automatically locked, and it will not bounce reset. If this button needs to reset, please refer to the direction arrow on the button.

Startup and Shutdown Sequence

Before cutting, we need to start the pump up. After the cutting work is done, we need to turn the pump off. The following instruction shows the startup and shutdown sequence.
Open the external general power circuit breaker.
Open the pump power supply.
Reset the E-stop button of the high pressure pump.
Open the cutting water and cooling water inlet valve.

Close the cutting water and cooling water inlet valve.
Press the E-stop button of the high pressure pump.
Close the pump power supply.
Shut off external general power circuit breaker.

High Pressure Water Startup and Shutdown Sequence

Either through the control panel or CNC control system, the start and shutdown of high pressure water should follow the following order and principles.

Start up according to “Startup and Shutdown Sequence”.
Press oil pump switch to start the oil pump main motor.
Open the on/off valve on the cutting head.
Start up the high pressure water by pressing the “intensifier on/off”.

notice sign

When the “high pressure on/off” button lights up, do not run the oil pump motor, otherwise it will damage motor and oil pump.

Close the high-pressure water by pressing the “intensifier on/off”.
Close the on/off valve on the cutting head.
Stop oil pump main motor by pressing the “oil pump on/off”.

notice sign

Please pay attention to the open and close status of the on/off valve on the cutting head. Make sure the valve is open before turn on high pressure water. If the valve is closed, a sudden rise of pressure may damage the valve.

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