Waterjet Transportation

There is an uneven weight distribution of weight in ultra-high pressure pump on both ends, especially high power type ultra-high pressure pump. Don’t forklift equipment from any end of the ultra-high pressure pump equipment. Find the position of the forklift according to the center gravity of the pump.
After removing ultra-high pressure pump from the packing, please note that the position of fork groove is at the bottom, which is shown in figure 1. It is needed to spread the forks according to the center of gravity and balance the weight on both forks.

notice sign

The high pressure pump must be lifted from the bottom. Don’t try to lift the machine from either sides.

waterjet pump transportation
warning sign

If the transportation temperature and environment temperature is too low which causing the freezing of the cutting water, please don’t start the machine at this moment. If encounter this situation, please call the company. Waterjet Transportation

notice sign

If the water jet cutting machine temperature is under the using environment temperature, it must be placed in the environment with normal working temperature for more than 72 Hours.

Waterjet Pump Appearance  (Waterjet Transportation)

waterjet pump appearance

1 Water pressure gauge
2 Oil pressure gauge
3 Name plate
4 Product identification
5 Front cover
6 Ultra-high pressure pump electrical box
7 Control panel
8 Power switch
9 CNC cable connection socket
10 Water inlet(cooling water)
11 Water outlet(cooling water)
12 Water inlet(cutting water)
13 Water outlet(cutting water)
14 Top cover

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