Manufacturers and business owners are increasingly discovering the advantages hard-core waterjet-cutting systems provide especially compared to other, harsher methods of forming, cutting and shaping hard materials like steel, iron and titanium.

Our systems use high-pressure streams of water – sometimes combined with abrasives – to cut through most types of materials. Waterjet cutting can be used in forming machine parts especially those that require delicate and detailed precision and that may be prone to damage from the high temperatures of conventional cutting and shaping methods.

The cool, narrow, high-pressure jet streams maintain the integrity and composition of material without altering molecular structures caused by high-heat approaches.

Waterjets Cut Most Materials

High strength Plastics and FRP’s

Waterjets slice through carbon fiber-reinforced plastics quickly and with ease. These machines are commonly used in the aerospace industry and by race car builders.

Our machines cut through glass-reinforced plastics without generating dust or fumes. A water shield can be applied to lower noise and prevent hazing.

Kevlar-reinforced armor and other types of fiber-reinforced material pose little challenges for water-cutting systems.


Waterjets create smooth, clean cuts on carbon steel with no burn marks or cracking.

Cuts on stainless steel, especially those used for food preparation, are clean and sharp. Waterjets maintain stainless steel’s polish.

Excellent for hardened tool steel, our equipment maintain precision and sharpness.

Other Alloys

Waterjets cut through aluminum quickly and cleanly. An increasing number of businesses are using systems to cut aluminum.

Using our systems to cut titanium – and the family of exotic metals such as hastelloy and waspaloy alloy – has proven best with clean high speed cutting.

Brass poses no challenges for these machines, which slice through the metal easily and quickly.

Waterjets are widely used to cut all forms and thicknesses of glass, including thin panels for phones, bullet-proof windows for cars and elaborate stain-glass facades for buildings and churches.

These machines can cut through all types of stones, including granite, quartz, marble, panels and sculptures.

Concrete is cut easily and smoothly with this type of cutting machine.

Soft, foam and fiber-reinforced rubber are cut easily with straight waterjets.

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