Finding Waterjet OEM in Melbourne

Waterjet as one of advantaged cutting ways is widely used in the world. Maybe you are finding the waterjet company which can help you with your waterjet technology or become your waterjet OEM Company.

Are you in Melbourne? Only finding local companies? Why do not you try an international waterjet OEM company like Chinese waterjet manufacturer asking for help?

Maybe you are worried about the quality of products. Maybe you are worried about the service in time because it is a truly long distance.

But don’t worry about that! It is because

We are the largest Chinese Waterjet OEM Company which will help you to reach your goal.

We own the optimized production technology! 

Our advanced production technology will support you best waterjet at lowest price!

waterjet oem melbourne

waterjet oem melbourne

Feel interesting? What to know more about us? Let me introduce ourselves first.

We are All-Powerful High Pressure Waterjet Technology Corporation which was established in 2001. At that time, our production base only 180000ft. But we plan to become an international business company. So, in 2015, we expanded our production base to 860000ft, which marks us become the largest waterjet OEM in China.

From the initial company established to now, there are 11 distribution channels and offices are set up in different country, and its products can be sold to more than 20 countries (America, Australia, Korea, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, England, France, Russia, Canada, India, Middle East etc).

Finding Waterjet OEM in Melbourne – APW

waterjet oem melbourne

waterjet oem melbourne

Our Product advantages:

APW cutting machine has a high stability by adopting imported accessories and parts with high quality. Both X-axis and y-axis are using alu-ally instead of iron, which is more difficult deformation and ensure high accuracy. The waterjet tank uses separated structure, which avoids the accuracy problem caused by tank distortion. The adjustable cutting table can solve the problem caused by the uneven ground. In addition, with the auto abrasive delivery system, auto lubricating oil pump and the high stability waterjet pump, our machine will bring you a more smooth cutting experience.

Our R&D ability advantages:

Complete research system gives APW the ability of making a wide range of products. We invented China’s first water jet fire truck and China’s first glass screen cutter for mobile phone, which approved our strong R&D ability in water jet application area. The expert-level R&D team and numerous research laboratories all contribute to the establishing of the world-class brand of APW.

waterjet oem melbourne

waterjet oem melbourne

Our High quality controlling advantages:

Our comprehensive testing reports and advanced quality inspection tools can ensure the high reliability of the machine.

Our Service advantages:

We provide our customers customized service. For each customer, we have exclusive salesperson and technician for YOU to follow YOUR order and solve YOUR problems. We also provide free cutting test and online cutting video tutorials for our customer.

“We do international business! Contact Us! We will help you at high quality products at lowest price.”

Please visit our official Website: waterjet

Finding Waterjet OEM in Melbourne – APW


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